‘Lost’: Season 6 Review


Welp, here we are at the end of Lost and I can’t help but feeling underwhelmed with similar feelings to how season 5 left me. It really sucks watching this show that I dug so much in the first three seasons fall apart so much to this degree that it literally doesn’t feel like I’m watching the same show anymore. Legit, the first few seasons of the show feel like such a different more focused and engaged show, while these last few seasons have felt so aimless and broad to a fault. I think episode to episode the season doesn’t work that well, but at least in the grand picture it works better than the previous season as there’s definitely more of a defined plot line and goal since they knew this was the last season and they had to wrap things up as best as possible.

The mysteries and how the show wrapped up was fine enough for me, especially with how deep they dug themselves into this hole, but they still had too many balls in the air and made things way too convoluted with parsing out the history of the island and how everything came to be, especially because all this stuff had really been introduced this season, while having it been throughout the show would’ve been a different story, now it just feels like adding on unnecessary layers to an already deeply layered show. The flash-sideways things were an interesting tactic to take in their format that they’ve always had, and really just seemed like a device for them to have their cake and eat it too with a way to have these people whose relationships were broken up be rekindled or redeveloped through these “magical” means.

The thing I enjoyed the most was finally cemented Locke as the pre-eminent bad guy, or at least his physical body, as the show has been teasing the whole series the many sides of Locke and the lengths he’ll go to do whatever he feels need to be done. So, it felt very natural and a nice progression and pay off for him to finally slip into that role and actually not only be a skilled bad guy, but someone who had history with the entire group, creating some more serious meaning with his place as the antagonist. It could’ve been worked better and not be so abrupt and been parsed a little better over the last few seasons, but that’s the biggest problem with this season (abruptness and throwing things at the wall before the show’s done for good), so it’s understandable in the grand scheme of the season since that effected everything.

I really didn’t want it to, but two seasons is a lot to ignore when shaping my thoughts about how much I enjoyed a six season television series. I really enjoyed the first three seasons, thought the fourth season was okay, especially with it being put under the writer’s strike constraints it did, but really didn’t like the fifth and sixth season due to how unnecessary they were, how much they spun out and convoluted the mythology and narrative of the show and how much they seemingly through out the window or just invented that totally undermined what the show previously was, thus making the show feel like something completely different and unrealistic to what it started as. I firmly believe this show could’ve been wholly fantastic and should’ve ended with three seasons if they tinkered things, or just as great with a little bit of re-structuring to fit in four seasons and make that fourth season really mean something. I realize there was outside pressures, and it was a popular show that people demanded more of, but it’s a shame that the original conceit of the show only happened to fit in about three seasons it seemed. Where the first seasons felt so naturally of a show building slowly up off the last one, using ideas and slowly elevating the show in its narrative, mythology and character relationships, the last few seasons just felt like a tornado of busyness and trying to get everything in that it felt like them trying to synthetically make this show great again in a small amount of time where the greatness of the show in its original sense was the slow burn and layering of all these elements until they would naturally combust. I’ll still think fondly on the show, albeit with some reservations, and it’s possible the last few seasons could play better with some distance. The strength of the former part of the series over the latter and how well it was executed remains some of the best television I’ve seen in world-building and guarantees that the missteps of the final seasons will hurt my thoughts of the show as a whole, but not entirely damage the grand heights it achieved throughout its run.


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