‘Lost’: Season 2 Review


So, now that Lost got that whole first season out of the way of introducing the characters, introducing the elements of the island and hinting at all the weirdness it beholds, the second season gets free reign to rip wide open the secrets of the island. Season 1 was a lot of setting the table for all of these pieces and with season 2 it involves a lot less of building things up, but playing in and deepening the myths of the island. Season 2 picks up right where the first season left off, with the introduction of the hatch, which would prove to be the major puzzle piece of the season, as well as providing a new locale that the characters were based out of. The season cuts right to the chase and maintains its speed at a full clip throughout the entire run of episodes, due largely in part to everything that had been put into place in the preceding season and you can tell just how much fun the writers finally get to have now that they can break open the mythology of the series by introducing the “Others,” telling the story of what exactly the hatch does and beginning to peel back the layers to exactly what the purpose of this island is, how these people got there and why.

Again, while the first season had to obviously do a lot of work on establishing these characters and their relationships not only on the island, but in their previous lives as well through the flashbacks, this season is less reliant on that, simply because it doesn’t have to and is a lot more focused on the happenings on the island. The flashbacks are still in place and shade in more grey areas and help contribute to what happens on the island, but it begins to be less stringent and directly tied since we know a lot of how these people came to be on the island and their previous lives. Now, I don’t think the flashbacks are slowly being weened out or there isn’t huge revelations to be found the flashbacks to the “real world” that will have bearing on the island and its storylines, just for now in this season they were able to pull back the reigns a bit and put more of a focus on the island. I completely expect some revelations from the flashbacks that will turn the show on its head, or something we previously understood as fact from those flashbacks turning out to be false. Especially with the show increasingly showing how many of these people on the island crossed paths in the real world before without even knowing it, such as with Hurley and Libby.

I really like how the show balances the ideas of the insane supernatural causing all these weird things on the island that made all these specific people be stranded under these circumstances with some of the more real world ideas that this was just a normal plane crash that stranded these people with logical explanations to their situation in regards to food, the hatch and the “Others” on the island. I mean, we obviously know there is weird “other-wordly” things going on, but the idea and hints that perhaps it’s not just people playing tricks on them or some supernatural being makes it even more creepier in that it’s something more relatable than everything being explained away by fantasy. It’s something that Locke finds himself overcome with in the finale after believing the whole season about entering the code in the hatch to prevent destruction or whatever danger comes to the island and complying with all these rules that were set upon him just by believing some old video and what Desmond had told him. Locke, though, begins to think it’s all just a play and a trick on them, where pressing the button is useless, after finding a different hatch whose sole purpose seemed just to spy on the original hatch, as an experiment. Locke became disenchanted with the fantastical ideas of the hatch, while Desmond continued to preach its seriousness and what the ramifications would mean when the counter in the hatch struck zero and supposedly all hell would break out for the island and the people on it. I guess we’ll see who is more right in season 3.

As you can probably tell I was a big fan of the season and probably more so than season 1 as it takes everything learned and established from the first season and expounds upon everything, but in more streamlined narrative way that gets to explore and push forward the mysteries of the island. This was a pretty natural progression from season 1 to season 2, so it’s not a big surprise that it works this well, especially given the content and the skill behind it all, so it’ll be interesting to see how they progress going forward. They seemed to open up a lot of of the mystery, but knowing what I’ve heard I hope it doesn’t descend into complete madness and that there’s actually a connective tissue to the roots of the series from these first seasons and the mystery remains a fundamental core of the show, rather than straying from the original format because they blew all their good ideas early and ran themselves into a corner. That’s just me theorizing, though, from off words about the show that I’ve heard, but I really hope it can keep its fidelity as much as possible, and as much as possible as “fidelity” could ever mean in the world of Lost.


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