‘King Push — Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude’: Review


Pusha T always gets unfairly maligned as just “that dude with all the cocaine lines.” And, yeah, you’ll be remised to find a Pusha T song that doesn’t include Push referencing some kind of cocaine metaphor. The thing is, it’s not like he’s bad at that, he has literally made a career off his dope boy image and rapping about things of that ilk for two decades now. First and foremost, though, Pusha is a lyricist, which means that he’ll throw in a bar about coke, yes, but it’s always some inventive line that you can’t believe he hasn’t used such-and-such to reference the white product before after all those years. He raps about a lot of the same stuff, and not only cocaine, but cars and jewelrry, but damn if I don’t sit back after the latest Pusha song I hear and be amazed that he’s still coming up with new ways to talk about all this basic stuff. See, I like rap about this, sure I like storytelling and deep thematic content, but I above all just like hard bars about the same ol’ cliche rap stuff, and Pusha always makes that fresh. I think it’s a mighty skill to rap about all this stuff, but continue to make it new after all these years that you have been rapping and it along with half the dudes out there and Pusha always stays on top.

So, yeah, I’m a little bit of a Pusha T fan, you could say. King Push has been by most anticipated album, and then with the revelation of about a month ago that he’d be releasing this little prelude mini-album before the end of the year my hype went into overdrive. My Name Is My Name was a great opening solo album for Push, one that opened him up to the masses to show what he could do by himself and really began to Push what a Pusha T solo song sounds like. Because as much as Push is all about the lyricism, his beats are always close behind in locking down his unique sound. They’re always a throwback to the yesteryear of 90s grimy hip-hop beats, but infused with a new school industrial type, that gives everything an off-kilter sound and makes a sound you’re really not sure if it should be rapped over or not.

King Push – Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude seems aimed to remedy and fix the few mistakes that My Name Is My Name did have. The new album is more refined and cohesive, helped by the fact that it’s only 10 tracks and 33 minutes in length, with nary a song that seems wasted or out of place. There is less features on here, with only two other artists spitting verses, the old Re-Up Gang stand-by in Ab-Liva and the always welcome Beanie Sigel, with others like The-Dream and Kanye West just helping out on hook duty. By doing so there’s no mistake that this isn’t a Pusha T album, no over-abundance of features and no overshadowing whatsoever.

As mentioned previously, what further cements this as a Pusha T solo release is the absurdity and griminess of the beats, helped along by executive producer Puff Daddy and Timbaland whose fingers are all over this thing. The opening beat seems engineered to make you hit personal records in the gym, followed by the beat on “Untouchable” that seems time-traveled from the 90s. “Got Em Covered” might be the most experimental beat on the album with a signature “bloop” sound that sounds like water dripping, or in Pusha’s case like some kind of drug cooking.

While his drug raps are his signature, this isn’t a one-trick pony type of album, Pusha laces the entire project with introspective musings on fame, money, relationships and the state of black America, most directly referenced in the probably best cut on the album, the grand finale “Sunshine.” Two of his acronym songs “M.F.T.R.” (More Famous Than Rich) and “M.P.A.” (Money, Pussy, Alcohol) deal with the aforementioned ideas of people nowadays seeming to be more content with being famous than actually maintaining any kind of personal of financial self-worth and people being driven and focused on superfluous things like money, women, and alcohol and drugs that get in the way of what really matters. But, if that realness is too much for you there’s always the coke rhymes such as “I’m Jack Frost of sellin’ that blast off” or “I’m the L. Ron Hubbard of the cupboard.”

My expectations were super high and I’m even surprised myself how much it exceeded things and now only ratchet up the hype for the full-length King Push that is supposedly supposed to drop in April. Push just continues to prove why he’s literally one of the most respected in the entire game, where nobody has a bad word to say about him (unless you’re Lil Wayne). This album just continues and hones in on what Push is all about nowadays the layered lyricism, the beats that make you crook your head to the side at first and then have you nodding along with it, to the confidence that makes this one of the best hip-hop albums of the year and a shining example of what the marriage between lyrics and beats can and should be.


‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’: Review


*Spoilers obviously ensue if you somehow haven’t seen it yet*

The seventh Star Wars film, the first in a decade and a kickstart to what will be the most oversaturated years of this universe to come, is a successful ton of fun that doesn’t disappoint like the last trilogy did because of how it balances the new and old elements of the film’s canon and how it sets up the future films along the line. The film isn’t very inventive, in fact it takes LOADS from the original trilogy, specifically A New Hope, and packages it around some new characters.

Sure, it was all well-and-exciting to have a new Star Wars trilogy under any circumstances, but the black hole left by Episode 1-3 rightly had people worried. So what did they do to try and mitigate that, they thought, “hey, you guys loved the characters of the original trilogy, and they’re, like, 40 years older now, but we’re bringing them back!” And that was enough. Thankfully, original players like Han, Chewbacca, Leia are just their on the outskirts of the film to help install these new characters the film introduces and to frame these films and characters around the original trilogy and distance it as much as possible from the early 00’s one. Not to say that the new characters of Rey (our lead female protagonist, stuck on the planet Jakku until she gets raveled up in Finn and Poe’s shenanigans and hey, might just be infused with the force), Finn (a reformed stormtrooper who just up and realizes this dark side stuff may not be as great as it was cracked up to be), Poe (the slickest X-wing fighter pilot the Resistance has seen) are bad or anything, they’re not at all, but putting them against the backdrop of the familiarity of these characters and plot constructs certainly helps their cause. The throwback characters definitely tow the line of being too much and overtaking too much of what really shouldn’t be their story, I would expect and imagine that they should not be major part of the series going forward, besides a small scene or so and the resolution of the cliffhanger ending with Rey and Luke. It’s a fun nostalgia to see these characters, but they’re on their way out and they’ve helped usher in some worthy new era Star Wars characters to create their own legacy.

Circling back around to the plot of this thing, I guess it makes sense that this thing works because they kept things simplistic and copied a majority of the original trilogy’s beats. We start the film off with a droid carrying a message that needs to be delivered that holds the key to expected peace and overcoming of the dark side in the whole galaxy, we have a character living in the doldrums of a planet with seemingly exceptional skill with little future prospects until pulled up in to inter-galactic war, we have a hotshot x-wing pilot whose job in the climax entails flying into the First Order’s (bad guys) base and going in-between cramped spaces to destroy the small core, we have the main villain which is like a teenaged Darth Vader who has severe daddy issues, said daddy being Han Solo, who he confronts in a grand moment a top a catwalk where he subsequently betrays his father’s wishes and sends him off the edge to his grave death. I mean, I could go on, but you get the picture, the film takes a ton from the earlier movies, and so much so that it seems like some weird psuedo-remake. I’m not necessarily harping on the film for this, there’s still enough surrounding it that it doesn’t feel like a total retread, but you can’t help but seeing how intentionally safe they took this thing by relying on old standbys that they new would work, just with subbed in new characters and with the old ones just standing around waving on the sidelines.

I think what helps a lot in keeping this film a retreading and in injecting the new blood is the fidelity of the new cast members and how real to this universe and lived in they already feel. It doesn’t take you long to understand the plights and position of Rey, Finn and Poe in this world and how their each unique view shades in a different area of the film. Adam Driver as Kylo Ren was a particularly interesting casting choice, largely based out of the fact that a guy who looks like a pre-eminent un-assuming and un-opposing New York hipster and who is largely famous from playing one on TV for the past few years on Girls, was cast as this generation’s Darth Vader and tasked with being the large and encompassing villain of a dang Star Wars movie. I still couldn’t help but laugh when Kylo Ren’s badass helmet/mask was removed and Adam Driver’s svelte face with his curly hair bobbing out greeted me. At first I was at odds with him as the character and my believability of what kinds of evil should be coming from this guy who looks like what you would describe a prototypical millennial as. But, then the film progressed, I saw what they did with this character, having him be at such odds with his parents and what he saw around him that he regressed from everything they taught and preached and what they built their lives on and turned to the dark side. Sure, they’ve done this same storyline to an effect like dumb un-assuming Anakin turning into Vader, and Driver does much the same in his own way where he kind of gets in over his head, but you’re supposed to hate him for how he looks and just how easy it is for someone, anyone, to be so consumed by power and revenge that they make such decisions.

On the good guys side, things couldn’t really be in any better of a place. Daisey Ridley is excellent in playing this independent badass woman who is a fast-learner in this new world that demands fast learning. Finn, is literally thrown into a new world, having abandoned his storm trooper ways and is in his own fish out of water situation. I enjoyed how they played the Daisey/Finn relationship, hitting strongly on the friendship vibes over the romantic ones, something that wasn’t needed and would really only serve to cheapen both characters if they went that way and had them kiss or something like that.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. This thing was exactly what I expected and really thought it should be, and I imagine the creators though the same way. It was an easy, succinct way to re-introduce and re-establish this whole world, roping in all those characters you grew up loving all the while bringing in this new generation who look more than capable to continue the story. The old and new were balanced as well as one could expect, now let’s see what happens when the leash gets reigned in further and they don’t have the familiar crutches to lie upon.

NXT TakeOver: London: Review/Recap


Asuka defeats Emma:

Oh, man, I was not expecting this thing to be THIS good, especially right out of the gate. I mean, I though this match would be low-key good, given that Asuka is one of the best workers in the company and Emma is underratedly so good, but like the TLC PPV from a few days before, this first match just pulled the rug out beneath the rest of the card and stole the show. This was no doubt the best match of the night for me, with Asuka and Emma providing great chemistry in their technical wrestling skills all the way up to the end when they teased the deceptive win(s) for Emma with the help of Dana Brooke. It wouldn’t be that way, though, Asuka remained undefeated, but what a showing for both of them.

I’ve always felt semi-sorry for Emma because she can be just as great as a wrestler as Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch when she wants to, she’s just kind of got lost in the shuffle due to a variety of reasons. She’s basically like the female version of Tyler Breeze where everyone just passed her by. But, hopefully she can shine in the division now that it’s pretty thin and includes green people like Nia Jax and Eva Marie, especially with the quality of match she just put on.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson defeats Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady to retian the NXT Tag Team Championships:

Can’t say the result of this was much of a surprise. As much as Amore and Cassady’s gimmick is fun and they’re little entrance schtick is like no other, they’re sub-par wrestlers and just don’t seem like an ideal to put the belts on at this time. Seemingly, the time to put the title on them has vanished behind them, not that they’re close to being done, it’s just that better options always seem to make themselves know. It seems quite clear that Chad Gable and Jason Jordan will be the next team challenging for the belts, and with wrestler as great as them it only makes sense to have Wilder and Dawson, great wrestler in their own right, be the ones to make it a better wrestling feud.

Baron Corbin defeats Apollo Crews:

Now this was something I didn’t expect at all. Baron Corbin not only going over, but doing so cleanly. I mean, it’s quite clear how high the company is on Corbin, it’s been like that for awhile, but Crews seemed to be the new fresh blood that they were grooming to be the next champion, or at least the next contender. He has the perfect big man build that they’re seemingly always looking for, coupled the agility with someone a hundred pounds lighter. It’s not even like it was some great war that went back-and-forth, where easily it was the weakest match on the card and neither man seemed very comfortable in the ring or with each other.

Bayley defeats Nia Jax to retain the NXT Women’s Championship:

Couldn’t say I was really looking forward to this, as both women’s contradictory styles didn’t exactly foretell a great match, especially coming after the last two TakeOver’s with the classics with Sasha Banks. In the end the match was a lot better than it had any right to be, with Bayley eventually making Jax tap out, because there was no way should could finish her off with her normal Bayley-to-belly finisher. Also, damn, you woulda though they’d want to protect Nia Jax some more, especially her leg drop finisher, but they had Bayley kick out of four damn leg drops. It was unbelievable, I saw Jax hit all those leg drops and thought realistically there’s no way that Bayley should kick out of those moves, but of course she did.

This was kind of a nothing feud, and with a Asuka/Nia Jax tease earlier in the show, it seems to leave Bayley’s opponent wide open. Are they gonna go the nuclear way and through Eva Marie right into it, or what? There’s not too many more options nowadays besides Emma and Dana Brooke who just got demolished by Asuka in back-to-back TakeOvers. So, basically, call me when Asuka finally gets her run at the title.

Finn Balor defeats Samoa Joe to retain the NXT Championship:

Now this is a match I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I’m a HUGE Samoa Joe fan and have been for over a decade and the fact that he’s in the WWE now is still something that makes me do a double-take. The storytelling for this thing was pretty foreseeable with us counting down the days until Joe turned on Balor when they were partners. Not that it hampered anything, since both of these guys are so well-rounded inside and outside the ring that they can make anything work. They had a great match, as expected, but nothing that really blew the doors off for me. Balor was going to retain, yeah, but I felt like there was a small part that could’ve had Joe take the title for a big swerve, but deep down I knew it wouldn’t happen.

So, the next TakeOver got announces, as expected for the Friday of WrestleMania weekend giving us two-and-a-half months between TakeOver’s and us wondering what that’ll include. It seems likely that Corbin will be going after NXT title, I guess, since he beats Crews. I don’t foresee them stretching that to Mania or having that main eventing that caliber of event, but who knows. I feel like they’re not going to boot Crews right out of the title picture, though, so I’d imagine he’d be right there, too. Does Joe stick around there, too? I don’t know if this is one and done with Balor, but who knows. In a perfect world this would be the perfect time for Joe to be promoted to the main roster, a place in dire need of some top talent and someone who has the potential to be a top heel or be great in literally whatever he does. But, supposedly they have no plans to move Joe up, which is a shame because after he got his title shot in NXT I don’t just want to see him spin his tires and hang around in the mid-card of NXT.

Oh, and how could I forget about the returning Sami Zayn, who worked the UK tour before this event and worked a match after the show to air on the following week’s NXT TV. People thought Zayn would come back and immediately go up to Raw, but who knows. One would imagine they’d love to do the Balor/Zayn title feud which makes the most sense and would probably be the perfect main event for the TakeOver in Dallas on WrestleMania weekend.

On the other side of things Hideo Itami is right smack in the middle of his six-eight months of being away from his shoulder injury that he suffered in May, so I’d assume he should be right around the corner from returning and he definitely provides another top talent that the division could use right now. One can’t help but imagine how great a Joe/Itami feud would be, except NXT runs the risk of that match stealing the show of whatever card it’s on. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Honestly, I wasn’t that enthused with this TakeOver as a lot of people seemingly have been. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but didn’t really feel that special than some of the monumental TakeOver’s of the past few months and of the majority of the year. The show definitely has taken a dip in quality since earlier in the year and especially after losing a few stars to injury and a bunch to the main roster like Neville, Owens, and the majority of their divas division. Now it seems they’re just in the end of their restocking phase with cementing some new divas like Asuka, Nia Jax and strengthening their tag division with Wilder/Dawson and Gable/Jordan along with rising single stars like Corbin and Crews along with returning veterans in Zayn and Itami. I hope/think they can build some new momentum like that had coming into the new year last year and really go on another incredible run that always seems possible with this quality of talent.

TLC: Tables, Ladders And Chairs: Review/Recap


The New Day Defeats The Usos and the Lucha Dragons to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship in a ladder match:

This year the ladder match opens the show once again and once again it steals the show right out of the gate. Originally, I thought and expected the ladder would go to the Owens/Ambrose Intercontinental match, which would’ve been great in its own right, but after seeing this I’m glad it went here. I can’t even remember the last time WWE had a multi tag team ladder match and that alone provided a fresh aspect to a match we haven’t seen in awhile. Of course, as expected, this thing was just a gigantic spot-fest with all three groups utilizing their high-flying abilities (+ Big E) for some fantastic moments. Highlighted by the incredible Solina del Sol delivered by Kalisto to *insert name of the correct Uso* off the top of a ladder in the middle of the ring, collapsing down through a ladder wedged in between the ropes. I can’t remember a move in recent memory that made me jump out of my seat like that. Big E also did a pretty cool move where he was trapped under a ladder and bench pressed it off him while the Lucha Dragons were climbing the ladder. I’m always amazed that people still find new and inventive things to do in ladder matches after all these years and this thing definitely delivered.

I think the New Day are getting a bit stale, due in large part to their constant long-winded promos that they deliver each time they’re out, but it was no question they were going to retain. It’s hard to tell when their time will run out with the belts, I’d imagine sooner rather than later, but still expect them to be a major player in the tag division for the foreseeable future. It seems like only a matter of time until the Lucha Dragons get a run with the titles, hopefully only pushing Kalisto’s stock even higher, because that dude has star potential.

Rusev Defeats Ryback:

This is just a dumb, filler of a feud that was pretty meaningless and lacked any teeth whatsoever. They tried to to this whole thing of Lana feigning getting attacked by Ryback and such, but it’s all just so boring and pointless. I remember they tried doing this feud a few months ago and nothing happened to it, unfortunately they actually went forward to this. I find Ryback pretty boring and he’s pretty much lost in the shuffle nowadays after his Intercontinental reign went down in flames. Rusev on the other hand is a better worker than he’s given credit for on the card, and has been wallowing in sub-standard stuff to what he’s capable of since he got run over in the Cena feud from earlier this year. It wasn’t a noticeably bad match or anything, just wildly forgettable and unnecessary.

Alberto Del Rio Defeats Jack Swagger to retain the United States Championship in a chairs match:

Del Rio obviously was going to retain over Swagger, who only got this title match because of the connection of his former manager Zeb Colter being Del Rio’s manager now. Except for the fact that Del Rio broke things off with Zeb the previous week, possibly hinting of interference or an appearance by Zeb in this match to return to Swagger’s side, except nope, none of that happened. Del Rio won in this chairs match (which might be the dumbest gimmick match currently used) with little fanfare, with the most noticeably dumb thing to happen in the match was when Swagger had Del Rio in his ankle submission Patriot lock move where Del Rio proceeds to get out of the move and no-sell it, walking around perfectly fine, but not only that it leads directly into the finish where Del Rio’s does his stomp off the top rope, driving his supposedly injured foot into Swagger, but showing no effects, and getting the 1-2-3. So, Del Rio keeps the belt, until presumably Cena comes back in the ensuing months and takes it back. You don’t just get to keep your win over Cena.

The Wyatt Family defeats The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno in a tables match:

This feud was presumably made because a. Like 90% of why the Dudleyz came back is so they could compete in a tables match at this PPV and b. to get the Wyatt’s a win in a feud, even if it’s against some 40-year-olds. That’s the biggest thing to come out of this thing, the Wyatt’s actually got a win over somebody, whether it actually means anything. It’s funny because WWE always projects the Wyatts as this immovable faction full of creepy ass-kickers, except for the fact that they lose to pretty much every body they’re in a feud with. It’d be nice to see them actually get meaningful wins and put some tangible cred behind their names to book them into an actual top force, not just glorified jobbers. This one was at least a step in the right direction with the Wyatts dominating having only Erick Rowan (the Wyatt family member that I think the other family members couldn’t care less about) be eliminated while the rest of the team stood strong the rest of the match.

Dean Ambrose defeats Kevin Owens to win the Intercontinental Championship:

This was really the only surprise of the night for me, Ambrose finally getting a win and getting the taste of some gold as he was on fire for a lot of the year, but never got anything done. Owens with the title was great, as he has been in every storyline, and I just don’t think we were close to telling the end of his story with the belt, granted I’m sure he’ll be chasing his rematch down. Not really sure what this means going forward for both men, there was always the rumoured Sami Zayn feud for Owens now that he’s coming back and looks less and less destined for NXT in the long run. Does Dean Ambrose settle in as the Intercontinental champion and try to give his U.S. title reign a run for its money?

Charlotte defeats Paige to retain the Divas championship:

I’ve never been invested in this feud, but I don enjoy the how it seems WWE doesn’t even know who is heel or face in this thing anymore. Charlotte literally plays the full out heel in this match for her first time, and thus Paige is playing the babyface role, where just a few weeks ago she was heel and a few before that she was face. Then in a post-match segment Charlotte is being a dick to Becky Lynch, along with Ric Flair, but then she seems to be legitimately regretful to things she said to Becky while her father keeps yapping away. It doesn’t make much sense, especially when Charlotte as a full-out heel is a lot more interesting and fun, anyways.

Sheamus defeats Roman Reigns in a TLC match to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

This thing went as expected with wins teased for both until the inevitable run-in by the League of Nations members to beat down Roman to help Sheamus score the win. There were a few moments where they got me and I thought Reigns might overcome all the odds against the interference and Sheamus’ sure win and take the title, but nope, at least not for another 24 hrs. or so…

That would’ve been the expected WWE ending and have the show close out there, as they’ve done time and time again. But, nope, this time Roman had enough and snapped on Triple H spearing him, beating him down, slamming him on a table, elbow dropping him through said table that didn’t break on the first go around, spearing him again after deciding he just wasn’t done after walking up the ramp. Reigns beat HHH down, HHH sold hilariously flopping around like a fish for some bizarre reason and for once Reigns actually looked like a beast that his look so much demonstrates he should be. This silent ass-kicker who just destroys with no regard for consequences or repercussions that could come. It looked like a step in the right direction for Reigns.

So, since I’m writing this after the Raw that followed the PPV, it would be kinda foolish not to talk about that since it’s directly follows from the events of the PPV and includes something pretty big. Nope, Reigns wasn’t taking the title from Sheamus on the Sunday night PPV, instead he took it on Raw completing a mini-arch for Roman over the two nights that actually genuinely seemed to cash in on a storyline with him that seemed relatively unforced.

Stephanie opens Raw with Reigns saying she’s not going to fire him because Triple H didn’t want to (I have no reason why he didn’t want to, and I hope they actually explain this when Triple H comes back), but she claims some guy named Vince McMahon is coming to the arena and he of course has the superseding end-all opinion on Reigns’ employment. Then because Stephanie is Stephanie she slaps Reigns a couple times. Later in the show Vince comes out lambasts Reigns, Reigns calls him an old man and just because of that he gets a world title match that night that if he loses he gets fired but if he wins he gets the title(?), and then Vince kicks Reigns in the balls and then it becomes crystal clear that Reigns is winning the title since Vince and co. backstage would never have their golden boy Reigns get doubly humiliated by Steph and Vince that way without him achieving something memorable in the end. So, in the main event Vince tries to provide a distraction to the ref, only to receive a Superman punch from Reigns which Vince sells beautifully, a brogue kick hits Sheamus that he amazingly kicked out of, into the spear for the win. Then cue the Philadelphia fans cheering Reigns in this rousing coronation of the man finally winning this title. Yeah, you read that right, the same city that booed Reigns out of the building this past January when he won the Rumble and his right to the WrestleMania main event and world title shot, cheered this man because for the most part things actually worked this time and the dude had enough crap piled on him, just give it to him and let him run with it already. Plus, people seemed to have rather wanted to put the tile on a dead fish than have Sheamus continue to run around with it.

Now where they go with it I have no clue. Obviously at least up until the Rumble Reigns and Sheamus will continue to feud with it, but after that I have no clue. It seemed like Reigns would be winning the belt at Mania with his celebration on that grand stage, but looking back now I think there’s no way WWE could last that long keeping the belt off Reigns, and really they couldn’t have kept it on Sheamus much more than they have. So, who wins the Rumble to go against Reigns. Realistically there’s only like three options Lesnar, Cena and Undertaker. Who legitimately else has a shot that they would let main event what they are attempting to make their biggest Mania yet. That’s it, and I doubt it’ll be Taker in the title picture. Lesnar seems like the best bet, since they could do the rematch since last year, even though I don’t think there’s a single person clamouring for that. It’s been rumoured WWE would like to do the whole Cena vs. Reigns Mania match with Reigns going over and Cena passing the torch, but is it time for that now? Who knows, but it seems like WWE doesn’t have the most varying options what to do with the title since their roster seems thinner and thinner by the day. Hell, at the end of Sunday night it seemed like it was going to be a Reigns/HHH feud going forward whether that would be at the Rumble or stretched to Mania, but now Reigns has the title, so what now. Killing two birds with one stone and having HHH go for the title would be hilariously amazing and I probably shouldn’t joke about. I look forward to looking back at this in four months and laughing.

Anyways, that’s where things stand and I’m semi-excited to see where things go, even if I’ll probably be let down. I was actually really optimistic for the PPV, and while it ended up being pretty disappointing, the Raw angle with Reigns winning the title on TV (something unseen in over four years) has my interested peaked. I’ve never hated Reigns as much as most, I definitely had my problems with him, and he’s definitely much better now, even if his promos do suck. But, I’m glad they finally stuck the belt on him and hope they just run with it and I hope it’s as great as they think it’ll be. I think Regins will get better just with the belt around him through some sort of osmosis, but we’ll see.