‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: Season 2 Review

Buff The Vampire Slayer: Season 2

Kinda regret making myself review every season of this, but not in a “this is so bad or pointless to even write about way,” but more in a “this show did everything I want/expected it to do and it’s really good!” I really don’t have much to say about season 2, except that it was really good!

As expected the full season let the show move forward with a season-long story arc with new vampire villain baddie Spike and a whole thing with Angel and Buffy which bored me that I’ll get to later. “Buffy” might be one of the best shows that I can think of off-hand who expertly balances the season-long story threads with standalone episode “cases” and baddies, playing off each other and usually the monster-of-the-week having some bearing or reflection of Buffy and friends overall dealings with saving the world from Spike and the Demons and bad Angel.

Because it’s a dumb teen show about dumb teen things that just so happen to have to deal with monsters, the show always doesn’t take itself that seriously, especially with some of the monsters they have to deal with, but in not taking itself seriously a lot of the stuff that’s supposed to be played serious fall flat some times.

Like, damn, this Angel dude gets his own spin-off show in a few seasons, but I just don’t get his appeal and can’t stand the all the trials and tribulations of the Buffy/Angel relationship. Angel is basically like what you imagine one of those “Twilight” vampire to be, all brooding and concerned with his feelings and how everything’s just SO tough being a creepy, old vampire macking on a high school student. And because Buffy is a high school girl she eats up all this faux emotional pandering and then Angel gets turned bad by Spike and then Buffy is really conflicted about her feelings. It’s all a little much and Whedon and company consistently lay it on thick while it just causes constant eye-rolling. This is the part of the show I find the most pause with, and while it makes sense to be dealing with these things in this type of show, it just goes way too far into the melo-dramatics and thus makes it so cheesy within the context of the rest of the show.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of Xander, mainly because he’s just really not that funny, and also dude’s just a major dick. He’s madly in love with Buffy, but Buffy wants nothing to do with him, Willow is madly in love with her and he doesn’t really care about her in that way, but then consistently tries to get with every other girl who isn’t Willow, ie. eventually Cordelia, which is admittedly a fun dynamic. Yeah, sure, Xander/Willow will probably end up together, or at least in part, but dude just continues to use Willow as a tool and crutch to get things he wants, ie. “better girls.” Luckily our boy Seth Green shows up this season to show Willow that she’s pretty cool and deserved to be liked on.

Man, we’re through two seasons and I’m still surprised that Giles is still alive and hasn’t been killed dramatically by Spike or someone right in front of Buffy as she contemplates this whole vampire slaying thing and how it has affected the people she loves. I mean, I’m sure it’s coming, but dang, props to Giles for sticking around this long. And then added on to his impending doom, Giles’ romantic interest in Jenny gets betrayed when, surprise, she’s actually a baddie and then gets killed.

Buffy’s mom finds out what she’s been up to all these nights out when she’s not trying to hook up with Angel, ie. slaying some vamps. Again, I commend this show on basically just having characters accept fairly quickly more-or-less that vampires, monsters and demons are jsut legit things in this world. It’s nice not to see episodes of a character refusing to believe all these fantastical elements and just being like “yep, I guess vampires are real things to be feared and fought.”

Anyways, yeah, this was a good season and following season one it build and expanded upon everything I hoped it would. I’m looking forward to soldiering on into what I think/hope are its best seasons. And I also will promise to take notes this time, because that does a lot in, you know, helping me remember things and hopefully actually make this stuff seem cognizant.


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