‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: Season 1 Review

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1

Everybody has their own pop culture blind spots including movies, T.V., music etc. etc. that people rave about that you just haven’t seen for whatever reason because there’s literally not enough time to see it all while also having a life, but that second part is overrated. Anyways, Buff The Vampire Slayer has been at the top of my list for as long as I can remember, and I’ve seen pretty much everything else Whedon has done outside of the Buffy world so it’s been long overdue to experience in seminal work.

Now I’ve never been the biggest supernatural/fantasy fan in the world, but I am a huge fan of teen angst and teens having to deal with their INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT problems and trying to make their way through life and all that. Of course Buffy’s caveat is that sometimes when the pressures of high school just aren’t enough, you gotta contend with creatures from the netherworld that try to kill you. Usually on these types of shows where they juggle the main conceit of the show with the characters dealing with their real life problems I tend to zone out of the former aspect of the show, especially when each story is contained to each episode. It’s a short first season, but the show does a nice job of stringing along a decent serialized story for the season that continues from episode to episode, if slowly, but also has episodes that you could easily just drop in for.

By far my favourite thing of the entire series was how quick it got itself off and running and how little exposition, if all, was used. There was no long drawn out episode or scenes explaining how or why Buffy was a vampire slayer of all things, it was just an assumed acceptance in this world and even though it’s a fantastical thing treating it this way kept everything very grounded. As well, when others found out what she does and that creatures such as vampires, werewolves and other demonic monsters are just as much real life as zits they didn’t freak out or take episodes trying to accept and come to grips with the world changing before they knew it, nope they just accepted things and it was off to helping Buffy or filling out the world in whatever sense. Cutting all this fat lets everybody get right to the meat of things and avoids storylines and cliches that we already know how they will end up. And with knowing that there’s six more seasons after this I’m sure a lot of that backstory and explanation will be further shaded in.

I really enjoyed the first season even though it didn’t do anything amazingly, but really used the 13 episodes it had perfectly to set up this world to even further expand and deepen it in the future. I’m really hoping the future seasons rely more on serialization and have long continuing stories and big bads that the show can build towards and off rather than just relying on baddies of the week all the time. I don’t have much else to say at this point, besides being really excited to see how this universe gets fleshed out and also I’m just counting down until Giles gets killed off, because that could not be more blatantly being set up for down the line.


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