‘Soapdish’: Review


I don’t know how Soapdish is like the only movie to tackle soap operas in the film industry, I literally can’t find anything else. It’s not like it’s the be all and end all of exploration of the subject, it tries to be and is interesting, but never totally makes it. The film is great in theory, poking fun at not only the cliches of soap operas within the story of the film itself and also how it operates as a story. It achieves it half-heartedly, hitting some fine notes on the relationship dramas, slapstick and over-the-top activities. The film eventually gets to into itself and it becomes hard to discover when the film is being sincere in it’s motivations in a cliche story or when it is poking fun at these ideas. It can’t pick and choose it’s battles all too well.

The actors in here are all perfectly cast, Sally Field and Kevin Kline both exude these “classic” actors who are over-the-hill, but still contain something of a spark left in them, inspired from their early career greatness. Downey Jr. is fun as the conniving director, who tries and tries to get his way, and Whoopi Goldberg is great at playing Whoopi Goldberg. Cathy Moriarty is the one weak link, even if she looks the part well enough, she falls underwater against the others.

I really did like this film overall just as an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half. The satire doesn’t completely hit, which keeps it from being an essential or memorable film, it’s not bad, but average when there’s little weight behind it.


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