My Top 10 Favourite Films Of 2013

Before Midnight Best Banner

1. Before Midnight

This film is so raw and honest that nothing can even come close to it. I’m an unabashed fan of realism on film, and this one explores relationships like none other. The build-up of the predecessors do nothing but to make it more meaningful.

2. 12 Years A Slave

The most powerful movie I’ve seen all year and the first in awhile to make me actually feel something when I left the theatre. Ejiofor was overlooked in the awards race, but his performance still is resonating in me.

3. Gravity

The most uncomfortable I’ve been watching a movie in forever. My claustrophobia and being afraid of heights didn’t help me in watching it, but it made it much realer and hit harder than many other films could even dream.

4. The Wolf Of Wall Street

Probably the funnest movie of the year, glorifying sex and drugs and making it seem like the best thing ever. What a ride, and great performances all around to legitimatize it in this world.

5. Inside Llewyn Davis

One of the most personable films of the year with the best music. The Coens somehow keep introducing classic to their filmography.

6. Her

The most beautiful film I’ve seen all year. A poignant and important take on relationships as well as how modern-day technology shapes us.

7. Dallas Buyers Club

Great film heralded by legendary performances by McConaughey and Leto. Strong message and just inherently winnable.

8. The Past

An enormous surprise to me with a film that just kept compounding elements to be the incredible shock of the year for me.

9. Prisoners

So incredibly overlooked and underrated when it came to awards season, but it remains one of the best thriller I’ve see in quite a long time.

10. Star Trek Into Darkness

I really didn’t have a slot filled in here, but I remembered how much fun I had with the Star Trek sequel that I decided to throw it in here for its enjoyment in adventure and how it personifies what a summer blockbuster should be.


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