‘World War Z’: Review

World War Z Banner

World War Z was exactly what I expected, and I mean that in the best way possible. It’s not a hack-and-slash horror movie like the latter day Romero films, or really any other current day zombie flick. It doesn’t go after seeing the best zombie kills and seeing heads getting lopped off one by one as blood goes spraying into the air and bodies litter the floor. On the other end of things, it’s not really a “smart” film like how Contagion handled a similar topic in a serious way, but a more narrative driven and focused adventure movie.

It’s a globetrotting movie where Brad Pitt isn’t some assassin or ex-detective with all the skills to mow down bodies, but rather he’s a former United Nations investigator who uses more smarts and tact to find out what this virus is and how to stop it. Pitt is very good in the role, never giving off the air of a bad-ass (which he wasn’t), but never being particularly aloof either, in short it was a believable portrayal, in-so-far as having Brad Pitt play him.

There’s big and engaging action set pieces, but as stated before, it’s end goal isn’t just to show carnage for the sake of blood and gore, but rather as thrilling pieces of action. I’d really go as far as saying it’s not a horror movie, but a thriller that just happens to have a “horror” element with zombies in the movie. Certain times the more feasible and logical movie is to try and move past the zombies in a stealth way rather than a scorched earth policy of killing everything in sight. It greatly benefits from this, allowing the characters and thrills work on their own, but with the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse to keep the stakes always ratcheted down.

There’s nully a dull moment in the film, as Pitt and company just keep getting in progressively deeper shit, and bigger holes for himself to dig out of. Pleasantly surprised that the film managed to wade through all its production problems to create the perfect antidote for typical Summer blockbusters.



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