‘The Hangover Part III’: Review

The Hangover Part III Banner

I never really liked The Hangover. I mean I thought it was a fine comedy, pretty average, but never really got the insane outpouring towards it like it was the greatest comedy since Stripes. It’s a serviceable comedy flick, but nothing incredibly groundbreaking or breaking the mold in anyway. It was successful, so a sequel was made, and we all know how that went. It was a carbon copy of the first film, just set in a new location (Thailand), and hey, people were finally understanding what a bunch of couple awful movies these were. Phillips and co. supposedly understood the critiques of the sequel, you know, the whole just making the same movie again thing, and were going to do something wildly different for the third film and close off the franchise. Hey, they lied, and it was still awful.

Really the only difference in the third film is that they didn’t get blitzed out of their minds and had to re-create their steps from the night before to find out what happened. Instead they were just aware of the dumb shenanigans they got themselves into. It’s never funny, either, probably the biggest thing you’re supposed to focus in on on a comedy movie. The only person who says anything funny throughout the whole three films is Zach Galifianakis, and it’s pretty hit and miss from his literally dumb character, the only well the humour is extracted from, an idiot. You’ll never hear someone quoting a Bradley Cooper or Ed Helms line, it will never be done, because they are given nothing funny to do. Oh, you say, but what about Ken Jeong? Oh, you mean the worst goddamn thing in these movies. He insufferably gets a bigger role with each following movie and it’s embarrassing. The only thing he delivers is racist humour and dick jokes, pretty inventive stuff there, Mr. Phillips.

Lucky they wrapped up everything in this movie, closed off the franchise and will never visit this world for a fourth movie. Oh, but actually not, they totally included a tag in the credits that sets up a fourth movie. Oh, boy, I can’t wait. Todd Phillips is the biggest douchebag comedy director, even worse than Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer and Dennis Dugan. Yeah.



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