‘Pacific Rim’: Review

Pacific Rim Banner

Pacific Rim fails in that it seems like it’s parodying the genre it’s in rather than being an actual reputable entry in the genre. I love Guillermo Del Toro and totally understand what he was going for, providing a fun action-packed monster movie with explosions and heart, but what resulted was a cliche-ridden schlock-fest that seemed more of what they SyFy channel would put out. The effects aren’t the problem at all, not even close, the battles are fun and the action is engaging enough, but it’s everything that surrounds that action and what supposedly is dealt out to give it some weight, falls flat.

It’s a movie with big dumb robots fighting big dumb monsters, all the while trying to instill meaning to all this by making the robots powered by the thoughts and emotions of two people connecting, with the more powerful their connection the more powerful the robot. I found this just a hilariously cheesy device and cheap ploy to get some emotional problems and roadblocks in the way. Of course, you got a the typical death that shapes Charlie Hunnam’s character, putting him into exile unitl the powers that be go searching for him, because he’s THEIR ONLY HOPE. You got the semi-villainous good guy who’s at odds with our main character, hmmm I wonder if he’ll get some sort of redemption. You got the supporting character (a girl to make it even better), who so desperately wants to do what the main character does, and oh yeah, she just so happened to be rescued by the commanding officer, one who feels like a father figure over her. I mean the movie hits every expected beat and doesn’t miss one on its way to becoming a pat recreation of action-adventure movies in this vein.

I really just expected better from Guillermo Del Toro. Anyone can second-rate director can make this movie in his/her sleep, it’s simple plug in and play elements that blockbusters have been using since their inception. I thought Del Toro would take the film to a different place and do something more than just taking the easy route out, but instead a middling work remains that could’ve been something truly great.



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