‘Mud’: Review

Mud Banner

Mud is a charming movie that continues the incredible streak of Matthew McConaughey. I’m hesitant to think of an actor who has a better streak of film than ol’ Matt McConaughey does, it’s just some incredible work that showcases him as one of the best actors currently working. The film was built up quite a bit for me, Matt McCon in the presence of a “young-adultish” type film, some lessons learned and a coming of age sort of thing,

It embodies these elements, and really feels like a southern adventure movie, where we follow these two, young troubled kids as they deal with their families and the new wild card that McConaughey creates for them. He’s so great in a reticent supporting character, playing off the whims of the kids and just being the rock of the movie whenever it needs it.

Granted the kids are utterly fantastic and worthy of fronting the movie alone, but McConaughey is just there to pop up and solidify them when they’re shaky. I mean these two kids are great and all, but it’s really never until they meet McConaughey that they come out of their shell and really become who they actually are. It’s a beautiful little device,a and is instrumental in showing the depth of this world.



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