‘Enough Said’: Review

Enough Said Banner

I like “adult” dramas. I don’t relate to really any of the subject matter, but the “no bullshit” mentality that these films strive for and their insistence on being about actual issues and things people deal with is appealing to me. These films don’t make money because people often hate realism, and hey it’s kind of boring sometimes watching old people do relationship-y things. It also doesn’t hurt when the two people pushing all of this are Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini.

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about how much I love JLD, but I’mma ‘bout to get into it now. I’m very certain she’s the funniest person in TV history. I mean, SNL, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development and now Veep. Along the way collecting three Emmy awards from three different shows. She’s great in anything comedic she touches, and I’m surprised there isn’t a religion based on her already started up.

As I mentioned, James Gandolfini is in this as well, and of course, he’s as fantastic as always, but, hey, there’s that thing of him being dead now, so I’m sad. Yes, that tinge of where Gandolfini hangs over me, but really he’s so great that it just remind me that we’ll never see him do this thing again, which really sucks so much. Gandolfini and JLD just develop wonderful chemistry, with both of them able to be insanely hilarious, but also able to carry the serious moments just as well. Really a true test of an actor, and these two are among the best.

I will forever love these types of films more than sci-fi, straight comedies or whatever, real relationship dramas just do stuff for me. I really just love realism on screen at whatever cost of entertainment, for the most bizarre reasons. Not that this film isn’t entertaining, but I’ll take conversations over random character building shit than explosions any day. A connection with characters is ultimately what I strive for more than any story could ever do. Enough Said hits all these marks and because so becomes one of the smartest films of the year.



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