‘Blue Jasmine’: Review

Blue Jasmine Banenr

I think it’s kind of understated how Woody Allen just keeps making great movie after great movie, still after all these years. He makes like a couple a year it seems, just goes into his own little world, great actors follow because he’s Woody Allen, and we get a great movie out of it. Woody Allen is great. I would actually say Blue Jasmine is one of his lesser good movies of the past few years, and it’s still pretty good, that’s how great Allen is.

Allen is an incredible writer, breaking news, I know, but I just keep thinking about how perfectly the acting is marred to the writing. It must be a treat for any actor in an Allen film to get this quality of words to say, and they all seem to pull it off. That’s one of the best things about Allen’s dialogue, is that even though it’s so specific and different than so much else, it seems to fit every actor perfectly, and just makes them so much better. I know the calibre of actors that Allen works with is pretty much bar none, but really his words in their mouth just fit so much better and make them so much better.

Cate Blanchett is really the picture of all this. I’d been hearing constant rave reviews about her performance, and believed them all about 10 minutes into the film. Blanchett is a fantastic actress, probably my favourite give or take Kate Winslet, but getting to deal with Allen’s dialogue and getting to jump head first into his world, just serves her even better. She’s the Woody Allen role, quirky, a bit full of herself, and not always aware of her surroundings on a human level.

Also, what’s great about Allen is how he personifies a city so well, and really makes it just another character. It’s not like he’s all like “Hey, look at this landmark we’re filming in,” but more subtle where you recognize in every scene that “Yes, this is indeed San Francisco,” but you’re not getting beat in the head over it.

I can’t say I ever really look forward to new Woody Allen films, but I love watching them when they arrive. I forget about them, take them for granted that they come every year, and am always usually satisfied with the end product. It’s still pretty cool that we get a new Woody Allen film literally every year. Pretty great world that we live in, in my opinion.



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