‘The Bling Ring’: Review

The Bling Ring Banner

I don’t think this film really needed to get made. I mean there’s really no story here. A bunch of kinda already rich teenagers decide to break into the homes of their favourite celebrities, they eventually get caught, and then are charged with varying crimes. That’s the movie and the story. Yeah, I know we’re in a celebrity obsessed society where we love anything revolving around these people, but the film offers nothing of commentary really on the subject. You would think that maybe the film would try to make a point about celebrities and how our culture demonizes them, our weird hero worship of them, and how both sides influence each other in negative ways. The film does nothing of the sort, and is really just a straight-forward telling of not very compelling story.

While the content doesn’t delve any deeper than the surface level, Sofia Coppola keeps the movie from being boring by her continued excellence behind the camera. She’s on of my favourite visual directors, who really knows how to compose shots and images that are striking, yet never steer the viewer away from the narrative on-screen or distract from the story. She mirrors the wealth and glamour atmosphere of the film by composing shots and sequences that seem to be highlighting these aspects.

The actors are all pretty well cast, with Emma Watson being the stand-out. She plays Nicki (Alexis Neiers) in real life, doing a pretty good job of her valley girl accent. Her performance was the big one where you could tell they were trying to re-enact as best they could Neiers mannerisms, but also make fun of it at the same time.

As much as this review might not suggest, I really enjoyed the film that was made, but wondered if something even better could’ve come out of it. As is, with Coppola putting her visual flourish on the straightforward events of the story was fine, and enjoyable if not provoking in any way.



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