‘Peep Show’: Yet Another British Sitcom Filled With Excellence

Peep Show Banner

I don’t really have much to say about Peep Show, except that it’s really funny. I’ve been trying to immerse myself more in British TV, more specifically British comedy/sitcoms, because everything I’ve seen out of it has been nothing short of brilliantly. I’ve really only seen the big-name shows, and the ones that are at least relatively well-known over here in the west, like The Office, ExtrasSpaced and The IT Crowd. Peep Show seems like it’s pretty well known to, and for good reason, but I’m always looking for some deep-cuts. So, if anyone actually reads this and knows of some great British comedies, or shows in general, throw some ideas my way.

I was unaware of the POV style at first, where the camera films everything as the POV of each character and switches around. I was unsure of this, and thought it might be distracting, but you quickly get used to it and hardly even notice it a few episodes in. It’s a cool device that really helps with all the inner-monologues and gives them a sort of backbone.

The show uses cringe humour effectively, like it seems all British comedies do, and drives the main source of the comedy. Often coming from our two polar-opposite roommate protagonists trying to get/hook-up with girls, usually to their detriment as something goes awfully wrong as it only further spirals out of control. Mark is the plain white bread kind of guy, an office job likes watching TV and studying history, all the while looking for that special girl. He’s in one instance a stereotypical “nerd,” but doesn’t always fall into this category, more like just being “awkward.” Jeremy, his roommate is an aspiring out-going musician who has better luck with the ladies, but gets himself in just as many finicky circumstances with them as Mark does.

So, yeah, I’m struggling to find anything to say “critical” for the show in any in-depth way, good or bad. It’s really funny and cringy, which is a pretty sure-fire way to get a reaction out of people, not that it’s easy, it’s hard to do, but when pulled off it’s results are pretty much uniformly positive. There’s one more final season to air next year, and I’m curious to see how they’ll go out. Each season there’s usually some sort of through-line of plot, often superfluous for me, but works sparingly, so I’m sure we’ll see some type of resolution for Mark and Jeremy.


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