‘Thor: The Dark World’: Review

Thor: The Dark World Banner

Thor is the worst Marvel character. Like, I’m talking in the film version of Marvel prescience, I’m sure there are worse comic characters, but as far as fielded film characters, oh boy is he bad. The first Thor movie wasn’t any good, its cliche, simple and just flat-out boring. The sequel only manages to further these claims. I hate to keep harping on the current state of Marvel films (alright, I do), but they’re seriously making the same formulaic movie after movie, knowing that kids and fanboys alike will still show up for $100 million + opening weekends, and they’ll still feed the disease. I mean, they’re not bad movies, per se, they’re just incredibly average, trite and cliche movies which copy beats of action and blockbuster films we’ve seen for the past 30-40 years, just with superheroes plugged in. It makes me sad.

We’re in a position of film right now where superhero movies are the be all and end all, and there’s so much that could be done with them. I know they want to keep them as generic and down the middle as possible in order to appeal to a mass audience, but we don’t have to have the same film every time. I know many people hated the Watchmen adaptation, not me, I goddamn loved it, and thought it tried mightily to combine the “commercialism” or popularity of our current image of superheroes, with an actual thought-provoking film, that yes, had fighting scenes, but was more than just showdowns with such-and-such villain. That’s why it’s hard for me to really get excited about superhero movies anymore, especially at my old age of 21-year-old. A decade ago? Of course, but now, not so much. Really the only reason I actually watch these movies anymore is to keep up with the cultural zeitgeist, which know that I think about it is a pretty sad reason to watch a movie.

Hey, but Tom Hiddleston, am I right? He’s really the only good thing to come out of these movies. Let me clarify, though, it’s not Loki who’s great, oh no, he’s a pretty terrible character, but rather Hiddleston’s performance. Hiddleston is legitimately funny and engaging in his pseudo-villainy as opposed to the forced hilarity of Thor trying to adapt to Earth customs, lmao so funny. Hiddleston is the holographic card among a bunch of Bulbasaur Pokemon cards, he makes everything better and at the end of things is the only reason to tune in. So, basically what I’m saying is that the Loki spin-off movie can’t come soon enough.



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