‘Gravity’: Review

Gravity Banner

Gravity is the most terrifying film I’ve ever seen. No hyperbole, it was one of the hardest films I’ve ever sat through. Mainly, because of that fickle bastard, outer space. Everything about it terrifies me to no end. The loneliness, the million facets of death in any direction, the zero fail safes, the chain reaction of even one thing going wrong, claustrophobia, helplessness,  insecurity, distance, danger, death. I can barely go on a plane trip without being on the brink of an all out panic attack and I literally can’t even fathom people going into space. They so nobody has ever died from a panic attack, but I can pretty much gurantee that if for some odd and cruel reason that someone kidnapped be, threw me into a spaceship headed for the outerspace, I’d have an earth-shattering panic attack and I’d be dead before we even left out ozone layer. I’m saying that this kind of stuff strikes immeasurable fear inside of me. So, naturally I decided to watch a 90-minute film entirely and pretty realistically set in space. It was the greatest worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

Sandra Bullock gets to put on an acting clinic, since she’s basically acting by herself for the grand majority of the time, and she makes this thing her epic playground. George Clooney is in the film for a bit *and, hey, no spoilers but kinda hard to avoid why he doesn’t show up further than 20 minutes into a movie about space, filled with all the dangers imaginable* The Cloonster only in the film for a short deal, but he’s so perfect for the role that you automatically buy him as this epic, playboy astronaut who has seen shit, cracks jokes, but is professional and calculated to the nines under this exterior. He’s an early lock for a Best Supporting Actor nod at the Oscars, but, hey, we’re still early in the season, but he’s great. Keep in mind that I might be clouded by Clooney’s awesomeness because I love him more than 90% of my family. I would like to say more about how good Sandra Bullock is in this as the lowly scientist, but who kinda turns on her badass and smarts in the great time of epic need, but I can’t think of much more. These are America’s sweethearts in one great film. Sandy Bullock and Clooney, HOW CAN YOU DENY THEM?

Gravity’s not really a movie, with it’s conceit it’s kinda hard to be in a tradtitional sense since Bullock is largely just by herself through everything. Instead, I think of Gravity more of a video game. And, yes, on the surface that seems insanely stupid to use as a comparison for a pretty boisterous and deeper level, not that all video games are shit, but the comparison could still seem to be rooted in the negatives of the past. Rather, Gravity is treated as a series of events, obstacles, or levels, if you will, that Bullock has to conquer and think her way through. Moving from point a, to b, to c, in the hopes that she can beat the entire thing and find herself home. She has to reach a space station, utilize escape pods, put out fires, avoid debris, fix mistakes, all little road bumps trying to keep her from moving on. Level to level, obstacle over obstacle, everything is laid out from goal to goal, and we get to see a filmic video game. Trust me, it’s better than I’m probably making it out to sound.

I largely had a certain idea how it was going to end, but even so, my palms were sweaty throughout the entire scenes, and I often couldn’t help but to grit my teeth when Bullock was dealing with the elements in outer space as debris was flying at her as she tried to grasp a handle on the space station, a grab away from safety or certain death. I think there’s hardly an argument that this is a good film, I’ll grant your mileage with this sort of thing to whether people think it is great or not (I certainly do), but largely and more importantly it’s something we haven’t seen before. There’s a reason this film took foreverrrrrr to be made, Alfonso Cuarón and company literally didn’t have the technology at the time to make it possible. It was well worth the wait, and an experience that’s been absent from the mind’s of serious filmmaking. People always whine about films you HAVE to see in theatres, and they’re idiots, but, hey guys you have to see this in theatres to get the desired effect, because your dumb 32” Samsung ain’t gonna give you the same overwhelming feeling that a massive theatre-sized wall screen will. You as well can go see Gravity and have a panic attack. All the cool kids are doing it.



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