‘The Avengers’: Review

The Avengers Banner

I’m not really a fan of superhero movies. I think my disinterest with them coincided with my disinterest in Summer blockbusters and that whole movie season. I see maybe one movie in the theatre each year, something I’ve been insanely looking forward to, or most likely a DiCaprio, which is why I saw The Great Gatsby in the theatre. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching Summer blockbuster, superhero and big-loud crashing and banging special effects heavy movies, but I know what I’m getting now and it’s not worth it. They’re entertaining films to watch, and I’ll watch them in the comfort of my own house, but I know every beat coming, where each big action sequence goes, and what happens in the end. Of course, every movie is like this to a degree, there’s typical classic Hollywood archetypes that most American films follow, whether big budget or indie, but Summer movies are indeed engineered to be massive and liked by all, so they can make that sweet, sweet money. I’m also not like 12 anymore, when the Spider-Man and X-Men movies kicked all these things off, and then when Iron Man changed the new direction of future superhero movies. I think also, in the early 2000s when these movies were just kicking off there wasn’t that many of them, they felt like a semi-rare commodity and something you’d have to wait along time to see again. But, now they’re the currency of popular movies now, sequels upon sequels, spin-offs, reboots, remakes, crossovers, there’s so many of them now that the novelty and specialness had worn off. It’s old hat and expected that we get so many of them, and not that any of them are outwardly terrible or bad, they’re just bland and continuing stock Hollywood plotlines with superheroes plugged in.

So, basically, that whole drawn out paragraph is trying to justify why I just now saw The Avengers more than a year after its release. I think it’s so cool that this movie actually happened, and, hey, it was actually good. Back when Iron Man came out, and started rolling the ball on these new-age Marvel films, the idea of an Avengers movie with all these characters started percolating, but it never seemed like a legitimate possibility to me. It seemed like the grandest occasion, and in my small mind couldn’t believe you could ever coordinate the actors, budget and just the sheer massiveness of the whole undertaking. Kudos to Joss Whedon who I don’t think the enormity ever really hit him, because he’s such a huge fan of the series that he knew what had to be done and what he was going to do, that it probably never seemed that hard for him to do.

The movie’s, like 2hrs. 20 mins., but I honestly thought it could’ve gone on longer, not because it was so great that I didn’t want it to end, but everything just clicked along so easily, action scene, introduce all avengers, action scene, witty banter/dialogue, action scene, explain about some science-y thing they’re trying to recover that I could care less about, action scene, fly somewhere else, action scene, action and we’re done. It was nice that we didn’t have like 20 minute origin stories for each hero, and it went relatively smoothly introducing them and having them come together.

I thought I had more to say, but really I just wanted to get my superhero rant off my chest. This movie was good and within the confines of what superhero movies are now, and how blockbusters go, it of course hit everything on the nose. But, it executed all those well, which is really the only thing I really care about when the framework is always so rusty and permanent. I was entertained, that’s the main thing with these movies, so good job everybody. Now off to see Iron Man 3… eventually…



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